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Large education MIS solutions provider

Breadcrumb Home Showcase Case Studies. Situation Before the deployment of the system, KPI reports were prepared using data from multiple Excel files. Solution PennyWise assisted in creating an automated solution for report generation for the mobile banking system. Created a dimensional model that is used by the reporting system. Created a framework to handle the failures and re-runnable jobs on a daily basis.

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Created a self-serve environment where users can login and run the reports. Key reports are mailed on a daily basis to important stakeholders. Summary reports are created on a monthly basis across regions and users.

Mobile Banking MIS Using MS BI

Challenges Huge amount of transactional data was being generated by the mobile banking server. Multiple data sources with different data formats. Complicated business rules with no documentation available. Very short duration to build as fully functional system. Views Total views. Actions Shares.

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Mis case study analysis 1. Q1 Was getting the MIS such a good idea? MIS is normally used as a system in the organizations whichprovides solutions to the various difficulties faced. In the given case, MIS was implemented to easethe difficulties faced in handling the day to day activity which was done manually. Indian Railways is the largest employer in the world which employees around or above 1 lac peoplefor operating trains on one of the worlds busiest railways network.

Managing such a large force is notat all easy. Managing such a large force was a vital function which is performed in train operations inIndian Railways. It aimed at efficient deployment of running staff Loco Drivers and Traffic Guards ,ensuring the availability wherever and whenever required.

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Efficient people and power managementwere essential for proper functioning. An improper crew forecasting for freight trains would lead tonon-availability of running staff for freight trains. This would create problems in the scheduling offreight trains and would result in loss of revenue for the Indian railways. Moreover, the number ofpassenger trains and magnitude of freight operations would increase every year. This added strain toan already stretched system.

Hence, efficiency of crew management had become even morenecessary and important. To make the matter even more worse this system had to be applied all overthe country.

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  • All this processes required automation for better, faster and accurate work to be carriedon. The answer to these questions came in the form of the crew management system.

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    This helped the Indian Railways by automating theday to day activities of the crew by providing the information on the availability of the of the crewand few other things. Q2 What should Mr.

    MIS question

    Gupta do next to improve the results and enhance the system? ANS: Mr. Gupta was the head of the mechanical power wing of the Delhi Division, this division lookedafter the maintenance and operation of seven Running Rooms1, six crew booking lobbies2, three RailDiesel Installations3, one A class Accident Relief Train including tonne crane and the HeritageSteam Care Centre4 at Rewari. To manage the freight and crew operations was the main activity of thePower Wing.

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    In order to improve the results and enhance the system Mr. ANS: The challenges which were faced by Mr. The crew lobby network had not been tried any where in the Indian Railways so Mr. Gupta had no idea as to how it should be done properly. Though the first phase involves the verification of the softwares network connectivity and adaptability features before proceeding with hardware purchase was done on the railnet leased line of the IR. Solutions with practically costs were preferred because amount of data transfer would be huge and network engagement would be high.

    This was considered to increase efficiency of the system and utilization. Q4 Which networking technology would best suit future requirements? New technology can create a boon in the Indian railways:Railway Signaling systems world over are provided not only to make optimum use of the existing linecapacity, but also to provide safe train operation by reducing human dependence.

    Now in the 21stcentury, modern signaling systems provide an answer for reliable, safe and viable train operations. Large scale induction of modern signaling systems for train control are expected to pave the way forhigher levels of speed, safety and passenger comforts in train operations. These routes will be worked on automatic block signaling system with majority of the stationsequipped with solid state interlocking. This paper briefly outlines various safety related signalingsystems, which play a significant role in safe, speedier and efficient train operation.

    Q5 What were the difficulties faced by Mr. Gupta in setting up an IS? Since setting up the information systems was not an easy task and this point can be brought forwardby the problems faced by Mr.