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The outer frame of the story is narrated by an anonymous author character who clearly resembles Yann Martel. Traveling in India in search of inspiration for a new novel, the author encounters an elderly man who connects him with Pi Patel, a native of Pondicherry, India, now living in Toronto. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, having been found guilty of election fraud, was ordered to resign in Due to civil and economic challenges brought on by drought, a recently ended war with Pakistan, and the effects of the oil crisis, Gandhi declared a state of emergency, suspending elections and civil liberties and bestowing upon herself the power to rule by decree.

The island is a carnivorous being, consuming everything that lives on it. Pi and Richard Parker return to the lifeboat and the ocean. An undetermined amount of time passes, and Pi and Richard Parker arrive in Mexico. Richard Parker runs into the wild and is never seen again. Pi is brought into custody, given food, and questioned for some time by two officials from the Maritime Department in the Japanese Ministry of Transport.

Pi tells of how he then stabbed the French cook in the throat and watched him die. This second account seems to satisfy the skepticism of the questioners, but they admit to Pi that his account of surviving with the tiger aboard the lifeboat is a better story.

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Sign In. Life of Pi Yann Martel. Pop Quiz! At the beginning, Pi talks of how his two majors at university are religion and zoology. That was not my case. He refers to how he has always been interested in God and religion and how he has explored different religions. Throughout the book, Pi explores three different religions Hindu, Catholic and Islam. He was born into a Hindu family and has been a part of the faith ever since.

His faithfulness to Hinduism did not change his curiosity towards exploring other religions.

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When Pi is only 14 years old, he goes to a Catholic church where he meets the priest and learns about the Catholic faith. Then about a year later, Pi discovers Islam from a local who teaches him the ways of the Muslim faith. His passion for religion drives him to learn more about other faiths and gives him the courage to talk to total strangers. Pi shows a great deal of independence to learn as much as he can.

This independence is present when Pi is on the boat and has to fend for himself. By reciting his daily prayers, religion gives Pi a sense of hope that will help him to survive.

"Life of Pi": an extraordinary story

A book of religion can describe ways to "save yourself" with the ways of its religion to help you believe. Life of Pi is very heavily religion based because of Pi's choices in life he has discovered three religions he wants to follow. The choice he made about his religions happened to save his life, for when he was on a boat he relied on his religions to pass his time. Pi has a prayer that he used throughout his whole trip on the boat, " So long as God is with me, I will not die.

However, christianity was not Pi's only religion, he practiced hinduism, and islam as well. With three religions behind him as well as his degree in religious sudies Pi can find solitide when stranded by himself on the raft. The company that Richard Parker provides is not enough to keep Pi sane for he feels alone and needs human contact.

Life Of Pi Essay English Literature Essay

To balance this void, Pi prays to his three different gods for help and to help him make it through the mess he's in. As Pi uses his religion to keep himself alive he also uses it to conclude the story in an amazing fashion. Through out the novel life of pi it is easy for one to draw the connections of individual aspects of the story to religion. Religion helps to keep Pi sane while at sea and is also used to further the story with subtle or hidden connections. When reading the story it is important to remember that religion is the most dominant theme in the book.

The Ultimate Lesson on Life and God - Life Of Pi (2013)

The theme is so dominant that not only does it show up in small connections but is used to tie the whole book together. Throughout the whole book Pi is completely absorbed in religion, he studies it and practices it with passion. Pi becomes a practicing member of three religions and is chastised by the religion heads for being a member of the other religions. This circumstance of not knowing what religion is the correct one becomes very significant at the end of the novel.

These statements can also used to describe religion. Along the lines of choosing comes the biggest religious connection in the story a connection which really proves the dominance of religion in this book. When Pi finally completes his journey and finds dry land he is greeted by two men who immediately ask what happened to him. When Pi explains to them about the tiger and the other animals in the life raft as well as the cannibalistic island the men immediately assume that Pi is telling lies.

The men see this version as the boring version and want Pi to stick to his first version because it is more interesting and both stories ended up getting him to there in the end. This gives a religious meaning to the whole book. The closing section of the book can also be viewed from a stand point familiar to Pi and that is it can be viewed as of the two stories are separate religions.

Both stories ended up getting Pi to the same place in the end which was salvation. They are three totally different kinds of religions. But they helped Pi; they gave Pi the faith, the power to survive, in those deadly situations. However, religions does not bring blessing, also brings chaos and crisis. Religion can brainwash people, and turns them into extremists. For instants, those terrorists, what makes them so daredevil, willing to do anything for their organization?

Life of Pi

And also, religion can be a tool for those dominators to dominate people. Some rules in a religion would be like: be peaceful, God does not want people to fight, or some kind of stuff. Those rules weaken people, reduces the power of resisting of people.