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Although, only one shines in the society that no one else may see until now.

To Be Free

Equality finds it difficult to find individualism in his life and in the rules of his society. Equality eventually finds individualism in escaping, to a haven of his own, from his odd society. Equality had experienced many emotions but the three major ones experienced by Equality are individualism, self-confidence, and trust; these quotes need to be explained. In this chapter, Equality describes how he feels about his past society.

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He also now gives himself a new name, Prometheus, after the god who had taken light from the heavens and had brought it to man. Equality then explains to us how we must not be tied down by our friends or peers. We should be allowed to make our own choices, even though some peers may not accept this decision, we should be allowed to live independently.

Equality feels he is the only one with his head on straight now and that he is the only one that can slowly turn this confusing world around.

At this point of the story, Equality is describing the aspects of his mind and how it will help him find his new world and where to start his own society over, in a sense. He wants to become a one of a kind in history and to create a name for himself that everyone will remember. He will not only follow in his old societies footprints but will instead follow his anestrous ways of society.

Equality also feels that it is necessary to find truth in his life about past life before the collectivism era and society had started. The ancestral ways that had individuality and creativity.

Ayn Rand's Anthem Essay - Words | Bartleby

What would he say to them? How would they respond? Create a dialogue among students between Equality and other great creative minds of history who have […]. Why does the Council of Vocations assign Equality to sweeping the streets? What is referred to by the Unmentionable Times? What were conditions like in that period of history?

In what way does the love […]. City of the Damned city in which Prometheus and Gaea formerly resided, and from which they fled. City Theater the large tent in which are performed plays for the social recreation of the workers.

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The question must be asked: Why does the author depict this totalitarian state of the future as a primitive, technologically backward society? The answer lies in Ayn.

Anthem Guide to Essay Writing

He goes on to show the Council, who strongly reject his gift. He departs from his brothers because of how important the light bulb is to him, and how it is a symbol of something that he is not aware of yet.

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  • Equality has now taken a huge leap while proving to have individual characteristics, and hatred towards their ideals in his thought process, and actions, not feeling any guilt in the matter. While living in the forest post his retreat, Equality comes across the most remarkable discovery of his time, causing him to finally realize how his beliefs about the society were ultimately correct.

    A certain moment in the forest when he laughs while laying on the grass, thinking about how he is damned, and how the wrong living conditions of the society are more of a dystopian hell than the biblical definition of hell, is a moment where he proves that he will no longer stress over being like the people in that society.

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    While walking through a forbidden forest, Equality finds out that the Golden One is following him. Making the decision that he desires to be with her reveals that he always wanted to be separate from a collectivistic background, and make choices for himself. Equality is now permanently aware that his assessments of himself, and collectivism were entirely correct all through childhood, and adulthood, and that horrible guilt of his past, and his so-called curse is gone.