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Actually this activity can be made even more interesting when students are asked to exchange their descriptive writings and draw what they get to read. They can also be asked to highlight all those words which they have been able to draw. Students can then share their experiences in discussions. If they will have any ambiguity in drawing then they will be able to relate it to their writing as well. It really helps them learn to focus on concrete, tangible description. Thanks for weighing in!

I have learnt a lot from you Kim. Thank you, Imran! Hope you visit again soon! Hello kim.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay | Essay Tigers

I would like to ask you about how I want to describe a smell in class. I doesnt have any idea right now.. If you are looking for actual smells, you could think in terms of the things held in an elementary classroom. Things like glue, construction paper, and crayons have a definite smell. Many classrooms have class pets which certainly have an odor. You could also mention the smell coming in from the cafeteria and parking lot, as well as from the grass if it is freshly mowed or the athletic fields if they have been tended recently.

Some teachers wear a particular fragrance and it fills the room after so long. Also, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products have a distinct smell in the classroom now as well. What fantastic ideas for describing a classroom through its distinctive smells! Thank you for sharing these. Hi my name is sam and i really loved your website.

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Hey Kim! I have a problem that whenever I try to write short compostions I end up writing a big one. So can you please give me some tips or tricks on how to write a short composition containing all the important elements of the composition. Great question, Yashika! Now make it half as long. Conciseness is a worthy goal. I have to keep chopping out words, phrases, and sometimes entire paragraphs until I finally reach The process can be painful, especially if those words were written with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears! So start with a word, paragraph, or page limit. It helps to ask yourself questions like these … and then be ruthless with your editing pencil!

Hello, I really liked your article Kim but is it possible for you to add some more descriptive writing. You did a wonderful job writing the ones about the desert and the city but I would like more about caves and things like this.

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The article is actually less about how to describe a city or desert and MORE about helping students find the answers for themselves. As a class, brainstorm to see what descriptive words and phrases they can come up with on their own. To corral their answers, it can help to use a mindmapping tool. I think you and your class will all enjoy this exercise which you can also have them do in small groups. Oh, and may I suggest skimming the article once more for other tips you may have missed?

Then invite students use Google or library books and other resources about caves to find more info. And remember to introduce them to the thesaurus so they understand how to look up concrete synonyms for many of their words—especially ones that are vague or dull. This will expand their description even further!

50 Descriptive Essay Topics

Today must be a special day as I have come to a place where I shall learn for myself a lot and for helping my students learn better English. This information is not only useful for children, but also other forms of writing such as blogging. Hello, I would like to describe a special place, but I am out of adjectives. I choose my grandparents house as my special place.

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  4. Part of learning to describe is to pay attention to the smallest details. Is it white stucco? Is it freshly painted or weathered? Fresh looking or rundown? Ask yourself questions. Look at the big picture and notice the smallest things. Go deep with detail to create a vivid picture. You can do this! Hi Kim it was useful for me to read your article, comments and advices. Until now I have a difficulty but I got useful information for me.

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    Thank you. Hi Kim! Lakshitha: Learning to describe means paying attention to details.

    100 Descriptive Essay Topics for Any Taste

    Picture yourself at the shopping mall or visit in person and take notes about what you observe. Think about what the mall looks like, smells like, feels like.

    Is it new and upscale? Rundown and tired? Is it well lit? Any music playing? Ask yourself questions like these. Look at both the big picture and the subtlest of details so that you can describe the color scheme, building materials, aromas from food, colorful displays, etc. Best of luck to you! Hi, Anishka! My hope through this article is to inspire you to take the ideas and run with them, doing your own research for the place you want to describe.

    So first, choose a setting to focus on. Will the story take place in an old mansion on a cliff? An abandoned building in the city? A graveyard?