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Search for:. The Insider: College Admissions Advice from the Experts is where College Coach experts weigh in on the latest college admissions topics. We cover everything from application timelines and strategies to tips on financing your child's education. Welcome to The Insider! Avoiding College Application Myths and M. How to Ask for More Financial Aid.

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Instead of the story of how you made the game-winning shot, tell the story of how you went from ball-hog to team player and how it positively impacted your life. Almost every young athlete has a story of a sports loss or victory that helped define them. Admissions counselors read several variations of the same sports story several times a day. Sure, there are moral lessons to be learned from victory and failure, but these lessons are familiar and predictable. They might say they take on too many responsibilities or struggle with perfectionism, for fear of appearing too flawed to earn the position.

Top 5 College Essay Tutors | Online College Essay Tutor | Wyzant

In the same way, students are often wary of admitting their faults and failures to admissions counselors. They fear judgement and ultimately, rejection. However, admissions counselors know their prospective students are human and prone to error.

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Our Senior Counselors have years of experience guiding students in writing essays that make admissions officers take notice. Thank you so much for your amazing help. L also enjoyed working with you and we felt like the two of you had a good working rapport.

He has been incorporating some of the concepts the two of you discussed this summer in his early writings this fall. You have helped her so much within such a short period of time. I wish we had found you earlier. We wasted so much time and effort since the summer. I have a 9th grader and I know who to turn to for help now. Thank you, J! I will be in touch. We are done with all of the essays!

Thank you so much for responding soooo quickly and helping me in this process. I have learned a lot from you and you are an excellent and kind teacher. I don't think anyone else on this planet could have done a better job than you did. Thanks again!

I would like to highlight the support piece as I think both P and I derived significant comfort from having an outside, very experienced advisor to turn to. Your edits and advice have been invaluable. I can not tell you how happy P was each time she saw an email from you that said 'if you accept these edits, the essay is ready to go. From a very depressed state, with your help, P is almost through a very long, daunting process, and is feeling much better. Thank you again! She elevated my essays and helped bring out my own creativity and voice.

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H went above and beyond to be responsive and helpful. She always responded in a timely manner, and her feedback was generous and constructive. I thought this program was great; I wasn't able to attend the regular Boot Camp and found this to be an excellent alternative that worked with my schedule.

I highly recommend Top Tier Admissions! The work I did with H definitely elevated my essays beyond what I would've been capable of on my own.